Sunday, April 28, 2013

You know, this month, I read your post, and realised how much of our life is wound up in our daughter. Not that this is a bad thing, but it has taken a bit of a toll. It is difficult to spend time together when we have both a 50kg foot warmer and a high stim baby.

But we must persist. Even though I am doing my best to make sure I get cross because you are trying to take more than your share of the burdens. I should be a little more appreciative I know, and I’m trying (more than just a little according to you).

It has been a long month, very long. And not neccesarrily in a bad way, but maybe not in a good way either. We’ve been at the end of a very worn tether this month, both of us. And I just want you to know, now, in retrospect, that I’m not as cross with you as I might have seemed.

I know that doesn’t make much of a difference now, but I wanted to tell you anyway. It’s been a hard month, and try as we might to spend time just being with eachother, it seems as though timing has not been on our side. But we keep trying, and that’s the important thing. We will get some time together, alone, without the dog… eventually.

On the other hand, I have noticed how amazing you are this month. Admittedly, in some of those cases, that has been because you have pointed this out. But fair play, I probably should have noticed well before that time. Like housework. It wasn’t until you rather forcibly suggested that I should help you with it that I realised how much housework we actually generate. And I’m not normally contributing more than a little. You, my wife, are incredible.

I did try to put in a little more after that. And I would hope that I at least succeeded in being a little more helpful and reducing your work load a little more. I know I should be doing more, and hopefully by doing that, it will give you a little more time to do the things you like to do.

It was great, however, that this month, we had more time with no TV and more music. Which meant that my bad white man dancing skills came out a little more with Genevieve in the living room. Now, I would like to point out that we should be living this up now, seeing that as soon as she can tell me how silly I look, I’m not sure those dance moves will see the light of day until the next child.

All in all, this month was hard. But we’re good, Genevieve is good, Reuben is good, everything is okay. And sometimes, okay is perfect.

Love You


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