Saturday, March 30, 2013

So this month had it’s share of ups and downs…. We went away, which was great, until I got sick. And not just mild “I feel crook” sick, but the I cant get out of bed kind… So that could have gone better, but I did like that the place we stayed was awesome, even if I say it myself…

When we were away, I only realised at the end that it was the first real ‘holiday’ that we have had, the 4 of us… It was great though. Its so nice to spend the time away from the crap of the city with all of you. I only wish I was healthier for the experience. We have, however, made the decision to extend our stay by a week next year, which will be even better.

Also, I tried to be generous this month…. I know, try not to be too surprised, I’m not trying to set any records here. I tried to give you ‘time’ to do what you would like to do. And I think it was appreciated. Which was great. I know you do a lot around the house, and it’s been a very trying few months, and I appreciate you… So therefore my attempt at giving you some “you time”.

I also just want to point out that things have been a little difficult this month. I would like to say that it has been because of chaos theory, or the world spinning a little differently, but unfortunately, I think I have just been a bit of an ass this month. Sorry.

You know, this parenting thing isn’t as easy as it looks… And not because of the baby. All of a sudden we have 2 full time relationships to concentrate on. And it’s hard. Time is fleeting, and grey hairs are apparent. And all of these things are difficult to deal with. But I’m glad to have you with me to go through it.

Pain in the ass thought I may be.


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